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We offer a hybrid working experience, where you can still enjoy all the benefits of being your own boss in private practice, whilst at the same time, receive peer support from like-minded therapists and feel part of a close-knit team.
At Reframe our ethos centres around bringing curiosity and play into the therapeutic space. We are a team of curious and creative professionals, with strong values that support our continued personal and professional development.
We hold the welfare of our clients with the upmost care and consideration, and our focus is on nurturing the ‘whole self’ of the individuals we work with. We’re not fans of labels here, we understand that the human experience is at times a messy, complex and painful one. Our work is very much relational and we are here to support individuals who struggle to find suitable therapists on mainstream counselling directories.


Hybrid Working

We currently exist fully online and celebrate the accessibility this offers for individuals seeking therapy, who may find getting to a therapy room difficult. It means we can also seek therapists nationally, who match well with our unique team. All of our therapists work within their own private practice, whilst being a part of the Reframe team. We currently keep our team small (no more than 10 therapists) so that we can look after and care for their practice needs.
All individuals seeking therapy via Reframe are offered an initial assessment with one of our experienced senior team. Once we have a good idea of who is most suitable, we then match them up with one of our Reframe therapists. For every client referred, we take a small percentage from each session. This is so we can invest into the growth and future of Reframe and it’s therapists and subsidise aspects of the practice such as in-house training.

New Clients & Cross Referrals

Running and maintaining a private practice can be hard going, especially with the ebb and flow of clients that a counselling practice brings. Being a part of the Reframe team means extra opportunities to take on clients or cross refer clients and keep an element of financial stability. Alternatively, it also provides opportunities for our therapists to reduce or take a break from their practice (e.g. pregnancy, bereavement, training, unexpected life events) with the knowledge and reassurance that their clients will be safely referred to another qualified therapist in the team.

Peer Supervision

Join our monthly catch ups, where our therapists can share both personal and professional aspects of their life as a human being and as a private practice therapist. Alongside mandatory 1:1 supervision with your own private practice supervisor, peer supervision at Reframe offers a welcome respite from the isolation that private practice can bring. Our peer supervision groups are informal, non-evaluative and offer a space to be transparent, honest and vulnerable. At Reframe we are humans first and therapists second, we foster and encourage authenticity and genuineness as individuals and as professionals.

In-House Training

An option to attend In-House training that would otherwise cost more if attended as an individual. A small percentage taken from each session goes straight back into the Reframe ‘group loot’. A proportion of this money is spent towards subsidising In-House training for our team. Typical in-house training may involve commissioning an external agency or professional to provide us with bespoke training on particular subjects and themes that pop up within our work. This may include training such as (but not limited to); trauma-informed practice, Polyvagal theory, (c)PTSD, CSA, Medical trauma, physical abuse, early childhood trauma, bullying, relationship with eating/body/sense of self and non-monogamous relationships. Interest in specific training themes are welcome at our monthly team meetings.


Once a month the team meets to catch up online to talk about the developments of the practice and highlight any professional needs. The senior admin team share any developments of the practice, including where money is spent and invested. This sits in line with our teams culture of openness and transparency. Our hope is as Reframe grows, members of our team will feel invested in the growth and development of Reframe just as much as themselves. Our monthly meetings are also a chance for you to have your thoughts and feelings heard and to offer any interesting and creative ideas you might have.

Join Us

We are always welcoming new therapists to work with us.
If you are a qualified therapist and would like to join the Reframe team, please contact us via the email below with a cover letter including your counselling experience, qualifications and a link to your private practice if applicable. Please note we ask therapists to commit to a minimum of 3 clients per week.
Reframe is a counselling and psychotherapy practice advocating for more representation and support for individuals experiencing difference and otherness, therefore we are especially interested in therapists with unique and rare lived experiences, willing to support individuals experiencing similar.
Our culture and ethos at Reframe focusses on bringing curiosity and play into the therapeutic space. We are a small group of therapists who love to learn and grow as professionals. Many of us share a strong interest in geek/nerd culture, creative story telling, table top role playing games, board games and video games. Please don’t be put off if this isn’t your bag, it’s not essential, but if it happens to be an area of interest, please add this to your cover letter.

Email us with your CV at to register interest in joining the team.

You must be registered with a professional governing body such as BACP, BCP, NCS, UKCP. We will need these documents before referring individuals to you for sessions.